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Fort Jesus

Vasco da Gama was the first European to come to Mombasa in 1498 but he only stayed a week. However, the natural harbour attracted attention...
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Mombasa Tusks

A famous landmark in the city, the Mombasa Tusks were built to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Mombasa in 1952. Constructed of aluminum, the tusks...
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Haller Park

Haller Park is a hit with animal lovers. Formerly called Bamburi Nature Trail, this inspirational project began in 1971 when Dr René Haller transformed the...
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Pirates Public Beach

Pirathes Beach is part of Bamburi Beach Resort which is several kilometres long. It is favourite beach for the locals and so many school excursions...
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Mombasa Mamba Village

Mamba Village Centre in Nyali is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. Visitors can learn about the life cycle and behavior of these fascinating amphibians, and...
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